Monday, January 16, 2012

Dog Body Language and DINOS posters

I found these lovely posters by Dr. Sohpia Yin online. They have great illustrations of how to greet a dog, how kids should and should not interact with dogs, and identifying fear body language in dogs. 
You can download these and others as PDFs here.

This last one is a poster depicting Dogs in Need of Space (or DINOS). Haha love the acronym. It is not from Dr. Sophia Yin though. There's an article on DINOS as well, but this poster pretty much sums it up. Ace is a friendly dog, and does well at doggie day camp and with other dogs off-leash, but he's also a DINOS. Luckily, I suppose, he needs so much space that he scares off most people so we never really run into the situation on the poster. :P

Well that's all for now, just wanted to share the posters.
Thanks for pawsing!

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